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Why shouldn't you try the herbal remedy for your congestive epididymitis?

Le 12 novembre 2015, 07:00 dans Humeurs 0

Why shouldn't you try the herbal remedy for your congestive epididymitis?

epididymitisis one kind of epididymitis usually related to vasectomy.

Congestive epididymitis patients usually suffer from swelling or heaviness in the testicles, unbearable discomfort in the scrotum, and potentially a low-grade fever. Other symptoms are like lumps in the testicle, discomfort in the lower abdomen and pelvis, and enlarged lymph nodes in the groin.

Without proper treatment, the normal function of epididymis will be affected badly and infertility might be caused. For a man with congestive epididymitis, a timely and effective treatment is required.

For west medicine treatment, antibiotics and analgesics are usually used. A variety of surgical procedures is needed for post-operative epididymal pain. Surgeries are like vasectomy reversal, removal of the epididymis, removal of the testicles entirely, or transition to an open-ended vasectomy. However, antibiotics and analgesics have side effects and shall be avoided as much as possible, and surgeries are believed to result in too much damage to the body. These are effective but not perfect treatment and traditional Chinese medicine treatment is another choice.

For traditional Chinese medicine treatment, herbal remedy is a main solution. Traditional Chinese medicine has a long history of at least three thousands of years. A lot of effective prescriptions are passed on from generation to generation. There are various traditional herbal remedies.

For example, one popular herbal remedy is a mixture of 15 g of Cortex phellodendri, 15 g of radix rehmanniae preparata, 12 g of anemarrhenae, 12 g of tortoise plastron, a spoon of porcine spinal cord (steamed), 30 g of Honeysuckle Flower, and 20 g of semen litchi. It is decocted in water for oral dose. It is taken one dose a day and 10 days a course. This herbal remedy is believed to nourish Yin and clear heat, promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis, and regulate the flow of Qi to alleviate pain.

Herbal remedy is getting more popular because it is environment friendly and has fewer side effects. And with the development of herbal medicine manufacturing technology, new drugs like diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill are developed. The diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, which is made with a complete traditional prescription, has the same effect as traditional herbal medicine, but it is convenient to take along just like common western medicine pills, and no decoction is needed any more. Therefore, for those people who prefer herbal remedy but feel troublesome to decoct herbs, it becomes a good choice. In fact, the diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill is now widely used in urinary system and reproductive system diseases.

Treatment for Cervicitis Infections

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Treatment for Cervicitis Infections

Mycoplasma genitalium, as the mycoplasma that invades the human urogenital as same as the ureaplasma urealyticum, mycoplasma hominis, can be treated by medicines like Tetracyclines, Macrolides and Quinolones. However, take the same medicine to cure different pathogens is not targeted and also is not unfavorable for improving the clinical efficacy. Apart from that, using antibiotics for a long time does not only cause resistance of ,ycoplasma, but also leads to superinfection(long-term antibiotics are prone to fungal, and other bacterial infection which is not sensitive). Therefore, to Mycoplasma genitalium, we should not use a large number of antibiotics for the purpose of improving the treatment efficiency. You may never be worried in curing mycoplasma genitalium by Traditional Chinese Medicine, beacuse that natural medicines do not only can kill mycoplasma genitalium efficently but will also not cause resistance. In order to treat mycoplasma genitalium infection better, more medical experts pay their attention to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Mycoplasma genitalium was not been clearly documented in the Chinese classical medical, but the vaginitis, treat Cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory diseases which it causes can be programed in its category. These dieases which are caused by dirty sex or dirty washing utensils, which in turn lead to heat in the body which is harmful infringes on obstruction of heat and dampness in pelvic cavity or infect virus, cause damage to the the genitourinary system or there are extra heat in your body, with long time exiting, remains in the cells, which leads to your organs dysfunction, blood disorders, damage of chong and ren meridians, belt vessel failing to regulate meridians. The essence of the disease is in the lower jiao, belongs to situation that the virtual table real. The treatment is to clear away heat and toxic material, promote blood circulation and dissolve stasis, dispel wind and eliminate dampness.

In the treatment, Fuyan Pill, which is for curing gynecological inflammation has dramatic effect on mycoplasma genitalium infection. Fuyan Pill id composed of herbs with the functions of clearing away heat and toxic material, promoting blood circulation and dissolve stasis, dampness. Medicines that can clear away heat and toxic material are used to kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses, to clear up mycoplasma genitalium and dampness. Adhering to the idea of Chinese medicine and characteristics of the overall treatment, work of the entire organizational system, not only can treat sick place, but also can inhibit the further spread of inflammation, and led to the infection that has spread of other parts of the inflammation can also be cured. Compared with the antibiotics that western medicine used, as pure natural medicine, Fuyan Pill doesn't cause resistance thus can be used for long time. To cure mycoplasma infections, Fuyan Pill is your best choice!

The four main causes and TCM treatment for necrospermia

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Necrospermia(or Necrozoospermia) is a condition where spermatozoa in semen are either immobile or dead. Commonly, it is one of the most common semen abnormalities, and it is also the major common cause of male infertility.

1. Some of the inflammation and infections, such as prostatitis, orchitis

Clinically, some diseases like prostatitis, orchitis can cause 80% sperm being dead sperm. Due to the inflammatory infections, the necessary nutrients for sperm are consumed by the bacteria, and the pH which is the important environment of sperm is changed. Under the circumstances, the sperm which has no suitable nutrition and living environment is easy to be dead.

2. Nonliquefaction of semen

Prostatic fluid secreted by the prostate is an important ingredient of the semen, accounting for about 30% of the semen. If patients have the diseases like prostatitis, orchitis, the inflammatory substances can impact on the amount and ingredients of the sperm. Thus, the sperm activity can be d because of the decreasing prostatic fluid, which makes the nonliquefaction of semen. If the sperm cannot be liquefied, then more and more sperm will be dead.

3.Too much abnormal sperm

Clinically, the condition in which the abnormal sperm are more than 50% is known as abnormal sperm polycythemia. And too much abnormal sperm impacts on necrospermia, causing the low survival rate of sperm.

4.Poor sperm motility

Sperm motility and fructose contained in the seminal vesicles have directly relationship. If the fructos is reduced, the sperm can be nutritional deficiencies. Thus, the sperm mortality can be reduced, which increase the mortality rate of sperm. In addition, the deficiency of vitamin A, E also has a great impact on sperm motility, which directly impacts on the sperm mortality.

Currently, necrospermia is not incurable disease. Clinically, necrospermia are mainly caused by the inflammation and infection, like prostatitis, orchitis. Thus, if patients want to cure the necrospermia, they should cure their prostatitis, orchitis first. According to medical survey, the TCM treatment like diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill works effectively on the necrospermia.

Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill contains some herbs which can kill bacteria and clear away heat effectively. Clinically, it has curative effect on the prostatitis, orchitis and so on. Besides, the herbal medicine is made from complete herbs, which has not drug resistance and side effect to the reproductive organs. Commonly, the inflammatory infection like prostatitis, orchitis can be cured in about 3 months. Therefore, without the inflammation and infection, the necrospermia can get the completely treatment.

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